Slave to the City

Nothing is what it seems in this visually stunning thriller by Giulio Sciorio. Oren Jay travels to NYC to start a new life only to be haunted by his past. Just when he meets the girl of his dreams, Rhonda, things take a turn for the worse. A crazed fan takes her obsession to the next level by abducting Oren, but what he doesn't realize is that she does not want him as a lover...she wants to become him. What unfolds is a dangerous, tangled web of seduction, drugs and double-crosses in this stylish thriller based on the album No One Ever Really Dies by Silver Medallion. Slave to the City is a short film comprised of six parts each based on music by Silver Medallion's album Last of the Pop Stars. In addition to the short film three tracks were made into music videos: Slave, My Dream and Mean Girls. You can find more music by Silver Medallion at: Thank you for watching

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