Art Basel Street Portraits
a transformative photo project
The Art Basel Street Portraits was a project of transformation for me. I was able to address some creative fears and in the process transform my photography.

Shooting the Art Basel portraits with the Olympus Pen transformed the way I think about my photography. I soon was able to get over the fear of not having my big Canon 5DMKII and was able to just “be” with the subject.  Too often photographers place such importance on gear that it gets in the way with creation. In reality gear has very little to do with the creation process.

Shooting with the Pen was transformative for me. I felt free from thinking about noise, dynamic range and a bunch of other tech-nonsense that plagued my creative brain. What was left was pure creativity and connecting with the subject. No photoshop work here, all images were color and contrast adjusted in Lightroom.

When presented a fear I overcame it by taking action in the area that scared me most. Overcoming my fears has gifted me priceless rewards artistically and spiritually. I hope this project inspires your to face your creative fears and to reach new levels of your photography.

Shoot, share and have fun.
- Giulio

**note: this is project with over 60 images. It could take some time to fully load but its worth the wait.
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